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How Accurate are Teacher Predictions of IB Scores?

We analyzed results from 70 schools and share our findings for diploma scores, TOK, 43 course subjects, and 10 EE subjects.

Component Scores - A Glimpse at What’s Happening at Other Schools

We pooled data from 64 schools to reveal averages and distributions of component scores in many subjects.

TOK Presentation - Increasing Moderation and Declining Scores?

We investigated a sample of 30 schools and found increasing moderation and declining scores on the TOK Presentation.

Is Your School Comparing Apples to Oranges?

Many schools compare their average diploma score to a worldwide average. Unfortunately, that comparison is often flawed.

Predicted vs. Awarded Scores

Bubble charts and absolute values are essential for displaying and analyzing predicted vs. awarded scores. This article explains why, and also explains how to interpret them correctly.

Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Discovering Trends in Component Scores

In this case study, we show how our displays helped a school discover surprising trends in their History HL scores.

Case Study 2 - How Our Display of a Moderation Trend Led to Higher Scores

In this case study, we show how our displays helped a school discover an unsettling five-year trend in the moderation of their Chemistry HL internal assessment scores. Subsequently, both scoring accuracy and student scores improved markedly.

Case Study 3 - More on the Association Between Moderation and Awarded Scores

In this case study, we show a sustained association between decreasing moderation and rising scores, further demonstrating the value of visualizing and analyzing trends in moderation.

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